First Looks

Today I’m talking about having a “first look” before the wedding. Gut reaction? Do you want one? I find most couples have two common responses to first looks. Response 1: They haven’t thought about one yet or Response 2: They are fairly certain they do not want to see each other before the ceremony. For the couples in the latter group, their wedding focus is to keep things traditional, and have that first look happen in real time, while walking down the aisle. Yet, if you want my professional opinion, I’m here to educate you and explain why I’m a huge fan of first looks for these three reasons.


#1 Wedding are full of Emotions

You’ve been planning this day for months. You want everything to be exactly as you imagine. There’s a lot going on and a lot of people involved in this day. Taking a moment to see your future spouse gives you an opportunity to breathe, calm your nerves, hug each other tight, and get excited for what is in store. Setting aside time to do this allows you two to steal a private moment together without all eyes on you. Carving this time out before the ceremony provides the two of you space to pause and slow down. It allows you both to take in all in, ease your nerves, and enjoy the quiet before your guests arrive.


#2 Family Portraits

Speaking of guests, I’m guessing you’d like to do family pictures at some point during the day. If you do that first look, we get to crank out all the family photos before your wedding because we are not concerned about hiding the two of you from seeing each other. I cannot stress enough how awesome this is. This means we get to photograph you with your people without having to compete with background music or guests mingling in the background.


#3 Just the Two of You

Let’s face it, sometimes the day runs behind. We’ll be sure to get your family and wedding party photos, but if we’re busy getting those done after the ceremony, we can miss the opportunity for sunset photos. Scheduling a first look gives you incredible shots of just the two of you while you are fresh and giddy with anticipation. More shots of both of you together!? Yes, please. YOU are the people we are celebrating!